General Informations

Capital of Kiathos is the same picturesque county town with about 4,000 inhabitants. It lies like an amphitheater on a hillside, with stunning views of the harbor and over the open sea. The top of the hill is crowned by the high bell tower of the church, which is surrounded by pine and cypress trees that grow up from the rocky ground.

The port of Skiathos has brisk business. When the ship enters the harbor, you can see on the right the densely vegetated Mourtzi which was once a famous castle. It was built during the reign of the Venetians by the brothers Gizi and was called Kastelli tou Agiou Georgiou, after the small church, which is dedicated to this Venetian saints. Mourtzi was surrounded by walls and had battlements and firing slits.

From here, the islanders fight in 1823 against the Turks for the liberation of their homeland. In the city you should visit the church "Trion lerarchon", today the Mitropolis and the House of the famous prose writer Alexandros Papadiamantis. In the latter utensils, photographs, manuscripts and other are exebited.

From the harbor you can go by boat around the island, and visit such places and the beautiful beaches. Also, the road network of the island is in good condition. A road leads north-east to the airport (4 km from the main town). A turn of this road takes visitors to the historic monastery Evangelistra in the center of the island, a powerful building, which was built on a very scenic spot. As protection against the pirate raids an inaccessible location was chosen.

In the monastery church are interesting murals and a beautifully crafted wooden altar rail. In the small museum valuable sacral devices and church treasures are exhibited. The monastery library houses rare manuscripts. During the war of liberation against the Ottomans this monastery played an important role. On August 15, the Feast of the Assumption, a procession of Epiptaphoios, Mary takes place. This is a custom, native only to Skiathos. 17 km south-west of the city is the monastery "Panagia tis Kounistras", which was founded in the 18th century. His feast on November 21 is festively celebrated with a big church festival and a procession in which the icon of the Virgin is carried through the city. Inside the monastery church you can see murals from the 18th century and a carved, gilded altar rail.

On the northern tip of the island, lies the old fortified town of Kastro which is located at a difficult to reach place by land or sea. One can get there by boat or by taxi. The last section (about 1 km) you have to travel by foot. Very interesting are the dilapidated churches "Christos tou Kastrou" with a carved altar rail and wall paintings from the 17th century, "Agios Nikolaos" and "Agia Marina".

The views of the rugged cliffs from where the city is built, is breathtakingly beautiful.
East of Kastro extends the lonely beautiful beach Lalaria with big shiny pebbles and crystal clear water. There you can also see the rocks "Trypia Petra", in which the surf has driven a huge hole in the course of time.

Nearby you can also see the caves "Galazia Spilia" (Blue Grotto), sea caves whose base shimmer in beautiful colors. Here are the beaches Nikotrara, Megas Gialos, Xanemo. On the southeast coast of the island, the beaches Ftelia, Tzaveria, Achladia, Kapaitsa are recommended. There on the opposite is the island Tsounkria which has a beautiful sandy beach, on which you can go by boat.

To the south lie Kalamaki Megali Ammos, Troulos and the famous beach Koukounaries, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Greek islands. It takes its name from the dense pine forest which lines the golden sandy beach in dark green colors. In short distance thereof is the beach Nanana, which is reserved for nudists.

Worth mentioning are the beaches Aiga Elni, Elia, Limanaki zou Xerxi and Mandraki. Skiathos is one of the most developed Tourist Greek islands with an excellent infrastructure, rich in amenities, many water sports possibilities, nightlife options and fine restaurants.

But there are also plenty of quieter places on the island, where, far from the tourism business and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the main places that one can enjoy nature. One should then prefer to visit Skiathos in spring or autumn.

Geography and History

The island is located northeast of Evia and lies upstream on the east coast of Pylion / Province Magnesia. Its land area is 48 km2 and its coastline is 44km long. Scenic Skaithos is especially beautiful, its dense pine forests extend to the golden beaches. But the most prettiest invitation from the island to its guests are the emerald shimmering crystal clear waters on which on many places the green trees reflect themselves and whose branches are almost touching the water.

Today's capital, which was created after the liberation from the Ottomans and the inclusion of the island in the Modern Greek State, is built upon the ruins of ancient Skiathos. The first inhabitants of the island were the Ionians. The inhabitants took part in the Persian wars as allies of the Athenians.

In 220 BC. Skiathos was conquered by the Macedonians, after it had been looted and abandoned. Later, the island was repopulated by the Romans. During the Roman period it was Christianized. At the time of the Frankish rule Skiathos belonged, as well as the other islands of the Sporades, as Feudal to the Gizi family.

At the time it had already become insignificant because of constant pirate attacks.
When the island was occupied in 1538 by the Ottomans, the residents settled in an inaccessible place on the northwest tip of the island, which they fortified with a castle. Skiathos was then in 1830 freed along with the other islands.

How to get there

By PlaneSkiathos can be reached from Athens throughout the year by airplane. Flight duration approx 60 min. The airport is 4 km away from the city.Informations:

  • Olympic Airwys Skiathos, Tel.: 0427 22 200
  • OSE Cahlkida: Tel.: 0221/22 386

During the tourist season Skiathos is served by many European capitals via charter airlines.By FerryRegular connections to Volos. Distance 41 miles.Informations:

  • Port authority Volos, Tel.: 0421 38 888
  • Port authority Skiathos, Tel.: 0427 22 017

From Agios Konstantinos also regular connections by ferry. Distance 44 miles.

  • Port authority Agios Konstantinos Tel.: 0235 31 759

By SpeedboatFrom Agios Konstantinos and Volos regular connections. The Passengers are taken by bus to Agios Konstantinos.From Skiathos ferries and speedboats connections with Alonissos, Kopelos, Glossa Skopelou, Thessaloniki, Evia, Trkeri, Nisaki Trikeri, Mykonos, Paros, Tinos, Santorini, Heraklion, Crete, Skyros, Platania / Magesia, Marmara, Moudania, Porto Karra / Chalkidiki.
Some of these connections are, however, only during the high season.Useful Telephone numbersSkiathos:

  • Area code: 0427
  • Police: 21 111
  • Port authority: 22 017
  • Airport: 22 049
  • City Hall: 22 233
  • Emergency: 22 222 / 22 040