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Welcome to the Sporades

Saronic Islands

The Sarnonic Islands. Everything you need to know, in our guide.

North East Aegean

Welcome to the North Aegean Islands.

Ionian Islands

Welcome to the Ionian Islands, find informations and recommendations in our Guide.


Get to know everything about Evia.


Get to know all the Islands of the Dodecanese, with our guide.


Find all about the cyclades with our guide.


Welcome to Crete, our guide to the largest island in greece.

Welcome to Greece

Greece is a land with natural beauty, the breathtaking landscapes, the islands that capture our imagination with their glorious past, the white houses, the deep blue sea, the clear blue sky and the strong and intense sunlight that illuminates everything. Greece is the place where originated the roots of the Western civilization.

From prehistoric Kouros statues in Naxos to ancient temples in Delos, Olympia, Delphi and elsewhere, to Hellenistic period and roman remains, Byzantine, Venetian and Crusaders castles in Rhodes, Kos, Monemvasia, Crete and almost in every island of the Aegean. Greece has something for every one, for the history enthusiast, for the adventurer, the hiker or the climber, the diver and the surfer. All kind of sports in almost every tourist resort, hotels for every budget, low cost flights and packages make Greece one of the best holiday places in Europe.

In our website we will try to guide you through the beautiful Greek islands, their best beaches, where to eat and drink, accommodation tips, useful telephones, information about ferries timetables, public transport and flights. Numerous pictures from the mainland and the islands, maps, museums and historic landmarks.We hope our guide to Grece and the Greek islands to make your holiday in Greece an unforgettable experience.

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Welcome to Crete, our guide to the largest island in greece.