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Information about Chios: Chios is simultaneously the island of gum, the jasmines and the perfumes. The island with the gardens and the orange trees, with the stone houses and the towers, but also with the unique medieval villages.

It is a place with ancient history that became crossroad of big cultures, while was a center of Greek spirit and homeland of Homer.
In Chios you can enjoy the sea and in particular without the tourist crowds
(if you wish of course it exists the Karfa’s). They distinguish Elinta, Vroulidia, Lithi, Lefkadia, Managros and Nagos. In any case Chios holds a lot of surprises, after all it is easy enough to find your own “personal” beach, The coast line of Chios it is over 200 kilometers! You should visit the mansions of Kampos, see the medieval castle town of Anavatos and travel until
Volissos and Agia Markella.
In the small port of Emporios you will find two unique beaches with
black pebbles. The Mavra votsala beach and the Foki beach are really unique in their
type, their pebbles were used in order to made elaborate drawings in the
courtyards of mansions of Kampos and the existence to them are owed in
the extinguished volcano of Psaronas.
History: Chios is deemed to be the birthplace of Homer. This tradition has its source in verse 172 of a Homeric hymns, hymn to Apollo délien where the poet says of himself, In fact, Chios home then the” brotherhood of Homerides “, a group of rhapsodes who claim to descend spiritually of the Poet. Among the other famous natives of the island, one can cite the tragic Ion, sophiste historian Theopompus, sophiste Theocritus, the surveyor or Métrodore Hippocrates.
Chios is also part of the Ionian confederation. At the time of the conquest of Cyrus I in -546, it is protected by its island status.
She then joined the other Greek cities during the great revolt of -499 to the origin of medical Wars, and sends 100 trières for the battle of Miletus.
Submitted by the Persians to -494, it enters the league of Delos at the end of wars medical.
In -424, seven years after the start of the Peloponnesian War, Athens, suspecting a defection of Chios, forcing people to slaughter their walls.
In -412, Chios was then among the first cities in Ionian actually defecting. Athens sent a contingent that has ravaged the island and put the seat in front of the city. Despite a revolt of slaves, Chios does not fall. Athens, also threatened in the Aegean Sea and Asia Minor, then lift the siege.
She returned later and again should punish a defection of Chios, in the Social Wars (-357).
Thereafter, we have only scattered facts:
Chios is taken to -201 by Philip V of Macedonia.
It serves as a refuelling base for the Romans in their war against the Seleucid king Antiochus III.
It is the ally of Mithridates du Pont against Rhodes.
It then falls under Roman domination.
This is one of the regions where the magistrate Verrès pilla Roman statues.
The island remains under the control of Byzantium after the fall of the Roman Empire.
In 1304, after frequent incursions Turkish Byzantium entrust this feud to a line of lords of the family génoane Zaccharia.
In 1329, the Byzantine emperor Andronic III Palaiologos resumed the island under its fold.
In 1346, Chios becomes possession of the Republic of Genoa, which must yield to the Turks in 1566.
In 1456, November 25, Jacques Heart dies of illness on the island while he commands a fleet of Pope Callistus III fight the Turks.

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