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Leros real estate

Leros real estate

Leros information: Leros island is on the southeast edge of the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean. It has a population of 8,207 residents and 53 area. With a coastline that reaches 71 km. The largest town Agia Marina and Platanos with Panteli has a population of 2,672 and follows Lakki with 1,990 inhabitants. The town hall and other services are in Platanos. Leros is one of the Greek islands that have not yet burdened by mass tourism. The main tourist area is the Alinda, other interesting villages is the fishing village Panteli, Vromolithos , Gourna, Xirokambos, Partheni and Blefouti. The Castle of the Virgin Mary, built the eleventh century dominates the mountain above the Apitiki Platanos. The war museum is on Leros OF Merkia built in a tunnel of the Second World War..
Panteli is a village of fishermen with small fish restaurants and cafes that has kept its traditional character, away from mass tourism.

Vromolithos called an open bay next to Panteli of Leros. It is very sandy and a few points votsaloti beach. Near are small hotels, boarding houses and taverns by the sea. Opposite lies the island of St. Sunday with a church at the top.
Thucydides noted the importance of the ports of Leros during the Peloponnesian War in which Leros supported the Athenians. The end of the war, marked the beginning of the sovereignty of Leros from the Spartans.

During the late Byzantine period, the island was incorporated into the Subject of Samos. During the thirteenth century, the island was occupied by the Genoese and after the Venecians. In 1309, the knights of the St. John, occupied and fortified the Leros. In 1505, the Othoman Admiral Kemal Reis, with many warships, siege the castle but failed to occupied. The siege was repeated in 1508 with more ships, with the same unsuccessful outcome. The legend says that at that time, the island was saved from a single Knight. He was only 18 years. Finally, on 24 December 1522, following the siege of Rhodes, it was signed a treaty between the Sultan Suleiman and the Grand Knights of Philip De Vilierou and Leros, together with all the possessions of the Order of the Aegean Sea, became under Ottoman occupation.

In 1912, the Italians took all the Dodecanese outside Kastellorizo. On 12 May 1912, the island was occupied by Italian sailors. The Greek inhabitants of the Dodecanese, had their autonomy as a “State of the Aegean”, aimed at union with Greece but with the outbreak of the First World War, efforts were not to fruition and the Italians kept control of the islands.Since 1940, in which Italy officially entered the Second World War with the side of Germany, Leros suffered from air raids by the British Royal Air Force. On 8 September 1943, when Italy realized that he could not continue supporting the war the Germans signed a truce and went to the side of the Allies. When British aid arrived in Leros and other Dodecanese, the island suffered and other bombings, this time from the Germans. After the Germans evacuated the island, passed under British administration until 7 March 1948 which together with other Dodecanese united with Greece. 600 years after the end of the Byzantine sovereignty for the first time incorporated in the Greek Dodecanese State

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Neoclassical house for sale in Leros
This wonderful building was one of the first hotels in Leros. The property needs renovation and can be subsidised from EU funds. The building was designed from one of the most famous architects in Greece. We will accept only serious offers.

Old house for sale in Leros ideal for business or home. The property has 2 floors and use to be a grocery shop .