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Kythnos is a Greek island of Cyclades Western between Kea and Serifos, Greece. It is 56 nautical miles from Piraeus and about 40 km southeast of Cape Sounion, the southern extremity of Attica.

The main city bearing the same name. The ancient city is in ruins and now named after Hebraeokastron, and you can see the walls. Modernamente was called therms, for some hot springs in the northeastern part, but the name has not prevailed. The most famous of the island was the painter CIDI. The island was known mainly for its fine cheeses. Formerly called Diyopis.

Kythnos has about 100 sq km and a coastline of about 100 km. It has more than 70 beaches, many of which are inaccessible by road. It highlights the isthmus on a crescent of fine sand Kolona

The island had two signficant settlements, the population of Kythnos Mesaria and the population of Driopis or Driopida also known as Horio. Both places are highlighted by its winding streets and stepped too close to vehicular traffic. The villages are picturesque and with different architectural styles. Kytnos has the most typical flat roofs of the Cyclades, while the roofs of Driopida are inclined and tiles. It also highlights the large Orthodox church in time.

There is also a growing coastal population in Kanala on the east side of the island, and many of its major beaches are colonized by a handful of residents. Aghios Dimitrios, south of the tip of the island, is mostly a modern settlement, with small vacation homes that dot the hillside above a wide beach that is dotted with narcissus sea. In the northeast corner of the island is a town famous for its thermal springs, which are said to have healing properties.

Plot for sale (size 8,450 m2) lies in the island of Kythnos in the prefecture of Cyclades. This beautiful and picturesque island is situated in the West of the Cyclades very near Attica and has a regular transport (regular and fast boat) all year round (trip duration 1,15’ to 2,30’ hours).

The site which is “touching” the sea front is situated 2,5 Km from the port of Merihas in the West part of the island. It begins from the regional road and almost reaches the sea. A small and quite beach (Poutiki) is very near the site and houses are build in the region. The owner may build up to 360m2 on the site.