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The Greek island of Salamina is the largest island in the Saronic Gulf, to 1 nautical mile (2 km) from the coast of Attica and Piraeus. There is a ferry service every 15 minutes between the island and the coast.

According to the myths and legends the island was named by Nimfae Salamis, the daughter of the Corinthian Asopos and Koulouri Cape (Kolouris Akra) where an ancient city was built around the fourth century a. C. According to the myth, Poseidon fell in love with Salamis and she gave birth to Cychreus the first king of Salamis, which was half man half fish.
The next king of Salamis or Salamis was Telamon who married the daughter of Cychreus, Glauca. After her death he married Erivia or Periboea was born and the legendary AIAS (Ayax), who was the leader of Salamis and army megariano in the Trojan war.
Salamis is known mainly for the naval battle that occurred in its waters and that was the birthplace of Ajax and Euripides.
In modern times, the island was a Greek naval base which served as headquarters for the Greek navy. The port was bombed by the German Luftwaffe in 1941, plunging the Kilkis and the Lemnos Greek battleships.
Salamina or Salamis is also a town on the island. The island has a wide variety of events organized by the municipality and other organizations on the island. These events as the celebration of the Fisherman, the convent of Our Lady Faneromeni (from 22 to 23 August) and special summer activities that are supported by the organization DEP at the Theatre of Euripides. In addition to other events such as games, concerts and so on.
The culture of Salamis and tradition are kept alive through the years by the Museum of Cultural Arts and Crafts, which is responsible for all cultural events and traditional.
In the museum visitors can find aspects of traditional arts and crafts used by craftsmen and plenty of artwork from the area going back to the eighteenth century.

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