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Lesvos is a Greek island in the northeast Aegean Sea near the Turkish coast and part of the same prefecture. It is a mountainous island, crowned by mount Lepetymos of 968 meters (3176 feet), and Olympos with similar height, which dominate the north and centre of the island.

The olive trees cover 40% of the island, totalling 11 million units, along with other fruit trees. Forests occupy 20%, and the rest is agricultural land and urban land. To the west of the island is the second in the world petrified Sequoia forest . Its economy is low in agriculture.

Tourism in Mytilene, thanks to its international airport and the beaches of Plomari, Molyvos and Eresos contribute substantially to the wealth of its economy. Lesbos It is the third largest island in Greece (after Crete and Euboea) and the eighth of the Mediterranean with an area of 1,630 km2 and 320 km of coastline perimeter .

The population is close to one hundred thousand inhabitants of whom more than one third live in the capital Mytilene. The major cities besides the capital are Kalloni, Gera Plomari, Ayassos, Ereso, and Molivos (former Metimna). Plomari and Molivos.

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