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The island of Kefalonia (781.5 km ²), is the largest of the Ionian islands, it rich in woods and is divided into two shares from the deep Bay Livadi.

There are cultivated cereals, oil, grapes. Characteristic of the island is the black pine of Kefalonia. Tourist Attraction of the island are the caves of Drakena and Katavothres, culverts natural to Argostoli. The of kefalonia economy had rural character until the end of the twentieth century. The earthquake of 1953 inferse a severe blow to the local economy resulting in a gradual demographic decrease.
The overbearing pressure of tourism and activities related thereto shook the face of the economy by reducing traditional activities to light. The area of Lassi was the first to develop thanks to its proximity to the capital. In 1971 the airport was created precisely to meet the increased tourist demand. Beginning in 1980, Fiskardo experienced a sudden expansion of tourism, followed the coast of Skala. Many areas are still with modest tourist facilities as Livathos or even lack it completely; is the case of attractive beach Petani.
The pasture is still practiced in its rudimentary and olive oil is still a voice of some importance, as witnessed by the numerous mills spread a little ‘everywhere.
The fish farming financed by the European Union and designed to meet the demand of the European market, is practiced instead on an industrial scale and with very modern methods. It is, after tourism, the voice most important. The industrial activity, however, is limited to a few cement and brick factory.

Kefalonia or Cephalonia has an international airport that is located 8 km from the provincial capital Argostoli. The national airline Olympic connecting daily the island with Athens. In the summer tourist agencies organize several charter flights to and from North Europe.
Sami is the main port on the island because of its deep waters. You pull the ferry from Patras and continue at a time of Ithaca. The ferries are managed by the shipping company Strintzis. Some ferries from Italian ports of Brindisi and Ancona engaged in summer only a stop in Sami. But the service is discontinuous
From Argostoli departing ferries to Killini in the Peloponnese
Pessada is connected to Zakynthos by a summer ferry service
Finally, there are services of hydrofoils to the island from Lefkada and Astakos

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