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Corfu information:
Corfu island is the northernmost of the Ionian Islands (2 307 sq km), which also include Cephalonia, Cythera, Ithaca, Lefkada, Paxos and Zante. The rosary, which follows the fabric of the continental relief, is pleated and chopped fault gigantic born in tertiary. Hence the strange beauty of rocks plunging to peak in the sea and the presence of potholes Argostoli where the waves rush.
Corfu measuring 58 km long and 27 km at the widest point. Looking from north to south, it is forming a loop or a sickle. We can divide the island into three regions: the north with the mountains, the centre with the hills, with the southern plains. The coasts are mainly made of pebbles and sand. The culmination of Corfu is Mount Pantokrator (906 m). It is located north of the island. The climate of Corfu is very pleasant and very favorable. In summer, the temperature is around 31 ┬░ C. At the heart of this season, there are about 11 to 12 hours of sunshine per day. In winter, especially in January and February, the weather is very cold. However, even in December, the sun shines an average of 3 hours per day. The pr├ęcipations are regular Corfu. A few showers are possible in summer. Corfu is also the region most humid Greece. For this reason it is so green and fertile. In July that the climate is the driest although there are some showers spread averaged over two days. From November to March, rainfall is fairly regular. In October or November, occurs a short period storm between the end of the summer heat and the beginning of the cold of winter. As in most Mediterranean countries, Corfu blow to strong winds. But they are less regular and less predictable than elsewhere.

Estate in Corfu
Luxurious house of approx. 500 sq.m. total surface in 3 levels.


Fully equipped kitchen.

Central heating.

Independent heating control per level.

Hot water boiler.

Drinking water tank with booster pump.

Satellite antenna with distribution network all over the house.

Rain water collection tank of 300 cubic meters with a pump station to water the estate plants and verdure.

Time-adjusted watering network with PET pipes and dripping system where it is necessary.

Remote controlled main fence door at the entrance of the estate.

Swimming pool of high quality, all surfaces covered with tiles and fully equipped.

Guardian house with a flat of 50 sq. m. and ground floor with warehouse, auxiliary room with toilet and
shower and wine cellar.

Barbeque house with kitchen facilities.

300 olive trees correctly cultivated producing olive oil of low acidity

Vineyard with 300 vine trees mainly of CABERNET SAUVIGNON family.

Various fruit trees.