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Karpathos real estate


Karpathos is a Greek island, halfway between Rhodes and Crete. With 330 square kilometers to Rhodes Karpathos is the second largest island in the Dodecanese, which has about 5,400 residents.

Karpathos is a north-south long, mountainous island. The highest mountain, Kali Limni, is 1,215 meters high. A large part of the once lush forest was more devastating forest fires to the victims.

The southern neighbouring island of Karpathos is Kassos, in the North in just a few hundred metres from the uninhabited island Saria.

Pigadia is the main city and port on the island. My official name is Karpathos (city). Other major towns are Arkasa, Menetes, Othos, Mesochori, Olymbos and Aperi. The tourism also, the towns Lefkos, Amopi Panagia and Kira are becoming increasingly important.The most famous place of the island is Olymbos where the inhabitants of the island founded for selter after the frequent raids by pirates and Saracens they had to fled into the mountains. There, isolated from the outside world, has not only the ancient doric influenced the dialect in the language of Olymbites (the inhabitants of the village) , but also art, culture and customs, everywhere in the city encountered.

The relatively large village is from the coast almost invisible on a mountain slope. The cultivated fields still lie in surrounding valleys, especially near the settlement summer Avlona. Electric power has only existed since 1980. Until today Olymbos by car from the southern part of the island only her holprige on a gravel track to reach. Since the early 1990s drive excursion boats regularly from Pigadia (Karpathos town) to the northwest Hafenort Diafani. From there on a newly paved road in the mountain village.In the village there is an open-air museum village, they seemingly old crafts and costumes and provide visitors with traditional food for human consumption. Among other things, is one of the last operated typical windmills to visit. The flour is wood ovens in the traditional dark bread baked. Houses land real estate for sale on Karpathos. Karpathos is part of the Dodecanese islands ,during the last decades Karpathos has a fast growing development in Tourism and is natural that the prices of Properties are rising as well. At the moment we have not any property on Karpathos in our data.You can add your property here
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