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Andros is a Greek island in the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean. It covers an area of 380 sq. km.
Located between Evia and Tinos is the northernmost island of the archipelago, and also one of the largest.
It is relatively fertile and forested compared to its neighbors and has many sources, water from one of them even being exported (Source Sariza to Apikia).
Administratively, it is divided into 3 municipalities, Ydroussa the North Andros Korthio the centre and south. The capital of the island is called Chora or Andros and is located on the East Coast and has dethroned the former capital Messaria in the nineteenth century following the rise of shipowners face the landowners. The main port is Gavrio on the West Coast. The summer’s most popular Batsi east to west.

Famous families of shipowners (Goulandris, Embirikos) are from the island, and sometimes play a role as patron.
In ancient times, Andros is famous for its wine: the island is devoted to Dionysus; regularly, water sources under his temple would have changed into wine. Andros is a lovely and quiet island of the Cyclades, unspoilt. It’s an extremely verdant and irrigated island with plentiful running water. It can be reached from Rafina (near the international airport of Athens) by ferry in 2 hours. Clean and peaceful beaches.

Beautiful residence in Mirmiguies newly built with 2 apartments of 95 m² and 1 apartment of 200 m² with magnificent view of Evia’s island, 1.5km from 3 different beaches, built on a slope and this enables the unobstructed panoramic view to the sea from every single apartments. Both the architectural design and the construction have followed the Andriotic tradition guaranteeing comfort and high quality facilities to residents.

Every apartment has a fireplace for the winter months, open and bright open spaces, terraces, garden, 2 bedrooms, open kitchen, 2 bathrooms, generator, central heating and a private reservoir with a water pump.

The owner live their and he is responsible for the maintenance and the security of the complex.

From 150,000 ₤