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Athens is the capital city of Athens prefecture of Attica region and Greece. Located in Central Greece is a robust economic, cultural and administrative centre of the country. It was named after the goddess Athena, which was its protector. Athens today is a modern city but also famous, as in ancient times was powerful city-state and a major centre of culture is considered the most historic city of Europe. It is known worldwide for its historical monuments saved over the centuries. Historic seaport of the city is the port of Piraeus.

The conurbation area occupies 412,000 acres covering the basin surrounded by mountains Egaleo, Parnitha, Penteli and Ymittos. The total population is approximately 1 / 3 of the total population of Greece and is in accordance with the census of 2001 to 3,361,806. The altitude at the centre of the city is estimated at 20 meters from sea level, while the topography of the basin is relatively diverse, with lofiskous and mountains.

This is a fairly urbanised city, quite accurate and with the lowest rates of green representing the inhabitants of Europe. In recent years there have been many projects reversal of the problems facing metropolitan and development philosophy seems to follow the development path of other known cities worldwide.

Athens Greece stretched out in the central plain of Attica, the so-called basin, surrounded by the Mount Egaleo to the west, Mount Parnitha in the north, Penteli to voreianatolika and Ymitto to the east, while washed by the Saronic Gulf in the southwest. Since Athens has effectively occupy the entire valley is very difficult to extend further because of natural borders. However, the ever-expanding suburbs at the edges of the city, and today Pallini, along with the character of the autonomous city of eastern Attica, is the eastern edge of the capital, Agios Stefanos the northeastern, northern Acharnes, Liosia the northwest, west Muscat and Varkiza the south. The city is split by the Kifissos river which springs from helping Pentelis-Parnithos until spilt in faliriko bay saronikou and separates from Piraeus.

The terrain in Athens often creates the phenomenon of temperature reversal which partially responsible for air pollution problems. Los Angeles has roughly the same topography and similar traffic philosophy and presents similar problems. The soil is rocky and not very fertile.