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Rhodes , Greece. one of the most visited Greek islands, It is not accidental that in Rhodes (Rhodos or Rodos in Greek) you can hear all the languages of world, while the same moment a Scandinavian, a British or an Italian coexists and feels comfortable. The shops, the beaches, the bars, the hotels even the public buildings have a different "air" - as if they want to show that the island only belongs to its multinational visitors. However when you discover the Greek corners of Rhodes, the acquaintances but not less beautiful, you realize that this island has many things to say also in the soul of its Greek visitors.
While the boat approaches, the wall of the old city of Rhodes is revealed in all its glory, one of the few medieval cities that are "in life". It appears from far even the imposing palace of Big Magistrate. The harbour is just a few metres outside from the city but is comfortable. special mini buses of the municipal company of transport of Rhodes carry the visitors and their baggages in the taxi's terminal.
The city is separated substantially in two parts. "Old" - that is encompassed from double wall - and new. Different style, colour, separate personality. However and the two have the known label: "Welcome". They resemble they are made exclusively for the tourists. They satisfy all kinds of taste, they offer alternative forms of amusement ,and they are ideal for walk.
From there and then begin the explorations. Thus as is built the city in the northern nose of the island the visitor has two choices. From the side to Kremasti you meet enormous Hotel groups, coasts that remind Miami with collapsible beach chairs, with plastic chairs and umbrellas and beaches with magic light blue colour but also wave. We said you feel citizen of world. On the other hand a modern motorway leads to Lindos, Faliraki and to the immense beaches of Afantou, Antony Queen,ech.
Rhodes was inhabited at the Neolithic era. In 322BC, Rhodes was joined with the empire of Alexander the Great. After his death , Rhodes maintained in close trade with the kingdom of Ptolemy's in Egypt. In 164BC, Rhodes signed a treaty with Rome. At the first century of our era,St Paul visited the island. Between 1307 and 1522, the island was the seat of the order of Knights of St John of Jerusalem. The Knights occupied Rhodes in 1307 and completed the conquest in 1310 . They strengthened the city, leaving the Great current walls. In the low part of Rhodes, they built the palace of the Great Master . The island was a first seat in 1480, before falling to the hands from the Turks from Soleiman the Magnificent in 1522, after a five month siege. In 1912, Italy seized the island which belonged to the Turks then. The island reunited with Greece in 1948.

Plot for sale

The plot of 3000 sq. is on the central road in the city of Rhodes Island. The most familiar island in Greece.
It's perfect land for construction of any purpose, only serious offers and specially from construction, trade or tourist companies, hotel owners

House for sale

A classic meticulously preserved and modernized without damaging its heritage.
Built out of stone, the walls are almost 3 feet thick, providing massive insulation that ensures a cool temperature in the summer and warmth in the winter.
Three large bedrooms that can easily fit 2-3 beds each plus furniture, a dining room, a kitchen, a hallway (with chairs and decorations), a full bath with bathtub, sink, shower, and bidet), a veranda with massive glass windows on three sides for a sunny retreat during cooler days, a basement with extensive storage, and an attic.
The entire house’s roof was totally replaced in 2001 with a brand new one.
The house’s in-ground water reservoir was re-built in its entirety in 2001.


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