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Paros real estate


Paros real estate
about Paros:

Paros is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, south of Delos and west of Naxos. of which is separated by a channel. Paros belongs to all the Cyclades, is the third largest with 207 km ² and 118 km of beaches. It is an island with little vegetation, mountains and plains with large tracts suitable for cultivation. It has two great gulfs natural, and of Naussa of Parikia. It has a population of 15,000 inhabitants. The earliest inhabitants of the island were Carians that were settled there in the Mesolithic era, about 7,500- 6,500 B. C.
In an islet between Paros and Antiparos, archaeologists have discovered the oldest traces of habitat in the Cyclades (5,300 – 4,500 BC). The islands of Paros, Antiparos were occupied during the entire protocycladic periode (3,200 – 2.200/2.000 BC)
The Cretans dominated the island during the Minoan era. They made it a great strategic port. Legend has it that King Minos sacrificed to the Graces in Paros when told of the murder of his son Androgeus in Athens.

House for sale in Paros. The property is located in Paros island. 175 sq meters house, 890 sq m land. Fantastic view over the village, down the valley to the sea and neighbourgh island of Naxos.
The small original house is more than 100 years. It was reconstructed to modern standard in 1995. A new attached building was built in old traditional Cykladic style to fit in with the original house.

Three bath rooms, three bed rooms one large sitting room and a modern equipped kitchen. In the basement is a separate small studio, suitable for youngsters.
The garden area is 890 square meters. It has three levels, separated by stone walls. There are several trees, many of them fruit trees, plants and flowers. A high hedge covers the neighbouring house and creates a perfectly private garden. Still you have a wonderful wiev overlooking the village and the valley down to the sea. In the remote area of the garden is a storage house built as a typical greek “pidgeon-house”. This can easily be remade into a small studio.
Villa for sale in Paros
The villa is built in a 7.000 m2 piece of land, surrounded by a wonderful garden and a fabulous vineyard, overlooking Naxos island and the Aegean.
It is located 5km outside Naoussa, at the Santa Maria area. The distance from the sea is only 50m.

The house plans were made based on the owner’s vision with the aim to have the wonderful view of the sea from every corner of the house.

The house has three (3) floors and each one has each own character.
At the top floor, the master bedbroom is located. The area has its own bathroom which is characterised by the blue colour and the hydro-massage. A desk, together with the warmth of the fireplace and the sofa complete the decoration of the floor.

In the ground floor, there is the living room, which with little furniture has combined the classic Aegean style with the modern and comfortable. At the same floor, the kitchen and dining areas are found which are built in such a way in order to cover all needs and provide ease of use.

The rest of the floor is divided in two bedrooms which are coloured light green and light blue. Both bedrooms have access to large balconies overlooking the Santa Maria beach. There is also a fully equipped bathroom and a WC.
At the basement there is a 50 m2 area that allows you to use more fantasy and to improvise, creating either one more bedroom, since this area has also its private bathroom, or a space that will cover other needs of entertainment or relaxation. On the same floor there is also storage space for better organisation of the house.

Finally, all areas have access to balconies with unique furniture. All balconies have a view of the garden, of the vineyard and naturally, of the sea. Outside, there is the barbeque with its own dining area, ready to provide unique moments of taste