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Villas for sale in Rhodes

Stunning Villa in Rhodes with a Sea Blue Mediterranean View.

This villa is set in a natural forest atop of the mountain, it overlooks the village below while having an unencumbered view to the sea as well as the island of Rhodes across. The villa is designed for entertaining with ample space for visitors and all their requirements. The entertainment area has an outdoor Jacuzzi adjacent to the pool. The pool is designed level with the sea, giving the feeling of being in the sea while swimming in the pool. The terrace deck of the pool and the gazebo are designed for summer parties that go into the small hours of the morning. The pool is heated if the temperatures drops to an uncomfortable level or if there is a desire to swim in the early spring or late autumn months. There are changing rooms as well as a bathroom for the terrace and pool area.

The view from behind the villa is of the green forest that wraps around the property, the garden is landscaped with grass and flowers and plants that blend the forest into the garden.

The property consists of 5000m2 and the Villa is 550m2 set on two levels. There is ample space within the Villa for both residents and guests, the master suite and the lounge both have a regal view of the sea, the villa is as charming within as it is outside maintaining the emphasis on entertainment, with a splendid lounge that has a 180 degree view of the sea, the open plan layout is ideal for indoor dinner and cocktail parties. The use of parquet flooring adds to the charm of the interior, fusing the magnificent view with an earthly feel.

The sleeping space is also luxurious with en-suite bathrooms that offer privacy to guests and inhabitants. The guest rooms while enjoying all the villas spaces and entrances also have their own separate entrance which leads directly to their quarters, and a personal kitchen to let the guest really feel at home.

The villa has 4 fireplaces and has central heating as well as Air-Conditioning. There is a garage for 3 cars and parking for 7 others. There is a separate laundry room and maids quarters which are easily accessible.
The villa is designed for all year activities. it is comfortable as a simple home and is exquisite when entertaining.

A classic villa near Rhodes town, meticulously preserved and modernized without damaging its heritage.

Built out of stone, the walls are almost 3 feet thick, providing massive insulation that ensures a cool temperature in the summer and warmth in the winter.

Three large bedrooms that can easily fit 2-3 beds each plus furniture, a dining room, a kitchen, a hallway (with chairs and decorations), a full bath with bathtub, sink, shower, and bidet), a veranda with massive glass windows on three sides for a sunny retreat during cooler days, a basement with extensive storage, and an attic.

The entire house’s roof was totally replaced in 2001 with a brand new one.

The house’s in-ground water reservoir was re-built in its entirety in 2001.