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Naxos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea belonging to the Cyclades. It is the largest and highest island of the archipelago. It is located almost at heart of the Aegean, about 140 km from mainland Greece.

Naxos is a part of its fame to the mythology: Theseus here abandoned Ariane and she was collected by Dionysos, tutelary deity of the island. The city naxiote (adjective associated with the name Naxos) was powerful at the time archaic and prosperous during the Byzantine Empire. It was the center of State latin to resist the advancing Ottoman.
The island is rich marble, emery are exported and its agriculture produces the famous potato Naxos, but also cheese and honey. Tourism accounts for only half the income of the island. The largest city and main port east Naxos

Naxos is mainly composed of metamorphic rock: granite for third and marble and shale for two-thirds. A small portion of the island is made up of rocks latest: sandstone, marl and tuffs dating from 3.5 million years. Between the layers of marble, mainly in the north-east of the island, there are the emery. There are also iron ore whereabouts of the magnetite [7].
Naxos has a Mediterranean climate with cold winters, but without excesses and summers hot and sunny that refreshes meltem [4]. The island is experiencing an average of 258 sunny days, 76 days of rain and 0.2 days of freezing in the year. If the summers are dry (seven dry months from April to October), winters are relatively humid (five months sprayed from November to March). The comments by Naxos (Chora) between 1933 and 1990 have helped establish the annual averages of 18.5 ° C for temperature and 375 mm in precipitation. The amplitude thermal maximum Naxos (Chora) between 1933 and 1990 was 38.4 ° C (-1 ° C to 37 ° C)  amplitude thermal average is 17.4 ° C (9, 3 ° C average for a minimum 26.7 ° C average for maxima). The rate of average humidity is 71%. Naxos, like other Cyclades, is marked by the presence of wind: three-fourths of the days of the year winds between 2 and 6 Beaufort. Only 8% of days experiencing calm. The wind is a priority (41.3%) North (Meltemi winter and summer). The siroccos followed (13.1%), then winds north-east (12.8%), south-east (6.7%) and north-west (5.8%) .
The elevation of the island creates the phenomenon of side-by-the-wind and therefore side-au-vent: there is more wind and rain further east and north-east of the island.Luxury house for sale: The house, perhaps better described as a villa, was built by an Athenian architect along with 3 other similar houses, one of which she sometimes uses as a weekend home. Our house was completed early in 2002 and we bought it in September 2002. All four of the houses are on a plot of 8000 square metres. A house is now being built to the west on a separate plot of 3000 square metres and which then concludes all building allowed near our house.

The location in Naxos is on the south side of the island between Agia Anna and Chora . There are superb views and the nearest beach is about 700 metres. To the west are fields and the hills of Paros. The nearest shop for food, bread etc is a 10 minute walk across fields. The capital Naxos which is the main shopping centre and port is a few minutes away, from where there are regular connections to Piraeus. Naxos airport is 25 minutes to the south west.
The plot on which the house is built is 2000 square metres. The house is single floor, stone built with half metre thick walls, and has a plan area of about 135 square metres.
The accommodation consists of 2 double bedrooms,( one of which has an en suite ) a lounge, a kitchen and also a large dining room. The dining room, which is 52 square metres, could easily be reduced in size to allow construction of another bedroom whilst still retaining a large dining room. The main bathroom is adjacent to a bedroom. Double glazed sealed units are installed throughout. Inside and outside has been redecorated this year.
The kitchen is fully equipped with a washing machine, dishwasher, a cooker with an extractor fan, and many cupboards.
The lounge and dining room both open onto large verandas which look over Naxos. There are verandas outside each room, all with covered pergolas providing shelter from the sun or wind at any time of the day.
Air conditioning to the bedrooms is by inverter type quiet units, whilst the living area is by a large capacity unit. Heating is by ceramic heaters, the air conditioning units and a wood burning fireplace in the lounge.

For general storage a large concrete semi underground cellar has been built to the north west of the house. A concrete hard standing for two cars is near this corner of the plot, and is covered by a pergola giving sun and weather protection to the cars.

There is mains water supply to the house and also a large underground water store or sterna, the drainage is to a large underground septic tank. Electricity supply is to the whole house and to the cellar. A phone line is installed, also a satellite dish.

The house is being sold unfurnished but could be sold part furnished – subject to negotiations.

The garden is a special feature of the property, with many fruit trees such as peach, apricot, orange, fig, lemon, banana, vines and olive trees. Two separate irrigation systems operate ensuring the garden can be left unattended for periods of time without plants drying out.